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As a criminal defense attorney and as a pastor, the author has noticed that for the most part, not every man that he represents or counsels has had a father figure in his life (let alone a spiritual one) nor every man has had a good father involved in his life; however, every man deserves to be all that our Creator intended us to be-a man after God's own heart. Just like King David.


This book was born out of fact that "the Body of Christ" is the salt of the Earth. As such, we must recognize that although not every man has had a spiritual father, every man is commanded to be the spiritual leader of his household.


This requires a process by which these men who were not afforded the opportunity of a spiritual father, and that would otherwise not know this, would be able to learn and subsequently help other men achieve the same spiritual maturity required in our Christian walk.

The Lack of the Spiritual Father

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