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Legally speaking, a divorce is a “dissolution” of a marriage by a competent
court or other competent body. I read one time a statistical data that said
that men are eight times more prone than women to commit suicide after a
divorce. The  last statistic was shocking to me!

That meant that out of every divorce that the author was handling, handled,
or would handle, some of the men that the author represented would commit
suicide. In an effort to evade the statistical data, this book was born.

This book explains the issues around divorce, the devastating effects
on families, the root of the problem with divorces and the fallacies that
accompany a divorce. Moreover, the author will talk about some issues
presented to marriage, men in general and God’s plan amidst these issues.

The author takes you, the reader, “through” his journey as a divorcee, a
divorce attorney, and now a minister of God. Trough it all, God has never
divorced him, and the author can now convey to you that “God will never
divorce you”!


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God Will Never Divorce You! Hard Cover