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The Power of God

***But You Will Receive Power*** Every time we read about sin in scriptures, is because a person wants something that they don’t have. Examples are money, power, influence, and a plethora of other things. God knew this, and He warned us to protect against coveting. In fact, the 10th commandment was given to us as a reminder of this very same thing. Every human sin recorded is an example of this. Eve wanted something she did not have. David wanted someone that he did not have. Simon Magus wanted to influence others by means he did not have. BUT, what if I told you that WE have everything that we were supposed to have? That was and is God’s plan! The enemy thought that he usurped our position of authority when he confused humanity. But God send His Son to re-establish what was lost. We have the same power and authority as Jesus, because they come from the same source! Did you catch that? If that is the case, then why so many believers live in bondage? Good question! The problem is that the enemy still trying to confuse believers. Even after Jesus delivered us from this bondage, some still live as if Jesus had not given us power and authority over coveting! We know that the Holy Spirit lives in us but we do not live as the Holy Spirit is UPON us! DO NOT allow the enemy to steal your position of authority and the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. When we realize our positions in the kingdom of God, there is NOTHING that the enemy can say or do to change that! When we realize this truth, there is nothing that we need or want; thus, we can live in the relationship that God wants in our lives: totally depending upon Him. Even during this apparent pandemic. God is in control and we have the power and authority to show it…

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