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My wife's Revelation

**My Revelation** For so long I fell prey to the lies of the enemy. I believed that because I am a woman, I could never be as “influential” as a man in things pertaining to God. But as I continued to cry out to God, He helped me understand. He revealed that because of Jesus death on the cross, the curse placed between men and women NO LONGER STANDS. Through the cross, I have been made right. My position has been restored to do what God has designed me to do...where I’m MOST PASSIONATE about...deep down in my core! And as I write this, I am also fully aware of the order of things. Headship is and always will start with God, then man, woman and children. With this order that God established, I have covering & protection of how things are to be accomplished. Since the beginning of my walk with the Lord, the enemy has worked overtime, by manipulating, twisting the things I believed the Lord was calling me to do. I remember a dream where God spoke to me and told me that power was not for me. At that time, I didn’t understand what He meant. But as I continued to work hard climbing up the “positional/professional” ladder, I could never get that statement out of my mind. Until TONIGHT!!! He helped me finally understand what He meant all those years ago... POWER belongs to God!! As I continue to mature in Him, He also revealed that I have been given HIS POWER as a gift because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through His death on the cross, He gave me His “exousia & dunamis” (authority, ability, strength) to influence the hearts of others for the glory of God! This power is His gift to me. And I am able to speak this through His authority because of the relationship I have with Him and by the dramatic transformation I received through the Holy Spirit that resides in me. So as these “strongholds” come crashing down, I WILL SING of the GOODNESS OF THE LORD and use my VOICE to TEACH & PREACH the GOOD NEWS to others!! #prasieJesus #breakthrough #Hispowernotmine #ImPerfectMinistries

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