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Copy of The Man of Impeccable Character

Many of us have known about a Proverbs 31 woman "a wife of noble Character;" however, not many know about the Job 31 man. These are the eight quick signs that you, or your husband is a man of "impeccable character!"

He does not look at another woman with lust;

He does not lie or deceive anyone;

He is not seduced by other women;

He is not unfair to others;

He does not refuse to help others;

He does not put his trust in money;

He does not rejoice when disaster strikes his enemies;

He does not hide his sins from others.

A man of impeccable character is hard to find. He wears accusations proudly and like a crown. You want to meet a man of impeccable character, go see the movie The Apostle Paul.

Remember: You may not realize that God is all you need UNTIL God is all you have!

Have a blessed day!!!

Posted by Edgar

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