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Copy of Prayer is essential!

Prayer is powerful when it’s done in the spirit. But to get to the spirit the soul must be subdue. This is because there is too much noise in our soul and the soul is incapable of reaching the throne of God, only the spirit will reach it...for God is spirit and those who worship Him must do so in spirit and truth.

Goes beyond what we can see...
The power of Prayer

Prayer is communicating with God. Our Father both listens and talks. He does it with us because of Jesus. Jesus is our mediator. Jesus opened up the communication that was once lost because of sin with God. The Holy Spirit is the portal by which the Father both listens and responds to our prayers.

Many times our prayers are not answered because either there is something preventing them from going up to the Throne or preventing the answer coming down from the Throne. The former is more common than the latter.

Jesus taught us to pray in the spirit. We must not only repeat the prayer but we must apply its principles. We first MUST recognize that the Father is Holy. Second, there is a kingdom (basilea) which is powerful and our authority comes from King Jesus. Third, His will is to be done in our lives (this is where we fall short a lot) because we belong to Him, not ourselves, as such; then Fourth, we can come BOLDLY to the Throne!

After spending ten days in Brazil, I concluded this; The reason why Brazilians can pray in the spirit, and it comes so natural to them, is that they have learned to subdue their souls. In other words, they have learned to tune in to God’s frequency into their hearts not their minds...they do this not by focusing on their problems but on their God!

This part to the missionaries that accompanied us: Let us not get back to America and forget that we too can tune into God’s frequency in our lives and not let our troubles prevent us from praying in the Spirit!

I love each and everyone of you, and it has been an honor serving with you all on this mission trip.

In Christ,

Pastor Edgar Baez ImPerfect Ministries

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