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Copy of God Will Never Divorce You!

The title of this book sounds very ballsy! Don't you think? How could anyone make such an assertion on a book. The title has five words "God Will Never Divorce You," and ALL of those words can be construed as an "absolute." But, what are absolutes? Google the word and this is what you find: a value or principle that is regarded as universally valid or that may be viewed without relation to other things. Examples are good and evil.

Let us analyze the situation: the first word, God. No explanation needed here. The absolute of all absolute. His name! For He is who He says He is...! Second word, will. Either will or won't there is no middle ground. Third word, never. The opposite is another absolute, always, but we are dealing with the negative one. Three abosolutes thus far...

The third and fourth words, are where the subject may get sticky, since these absolutes can be changed! Divorce and You. In an effort to change a statistical reality, the book was born. As the author realized that too many marriages are been affected by divorce, but God's plan has never change for us, he realized that God Will Never Divorce You! For He hates divorce.

An author can make these assertions less be that such write either 1) knows something extraordinary or 2) that same person is crazy. Well, I know the author of the book and I can assure you, both statements are true. On the one hand, the author has been divorce and has represented clients on their divorces and now written about it--on the other hand--the author is crazy about Jesus.

A simple read that can change the outcome of a marriage! While many believers deal with the subject in a "hush-hush" manner, the author delves right into the root of the problem with issues that affect the couple such as: intimacy, sex, communications and many more, as well as issues that affect the male such as: homosexuality, pornias, fornication and many more.

Buy the book here:

PRAISE REPORT: After this blog was posted, the book has been professionally reviewed by an independent editor and others, and this is what they say:

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