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Copy of Are you a "Christian" or Christ-Centered?

There is no mentioned of the word "Christian," in the Old Testament. This word, "Χριστιανός" (Christianos) only appears three times in the New Testament and it was a description given first by the people of Antioch, and this was used in a derogatory way. This blog is not about the history of the word, although we have included some interesting facts, but about the connotation that this word "SHOULD" have for all of who use it!

First of all, Christ himself, NEVER called anyone a "Christian!" He called His followers "disciples." John 8:31-32. In fact, Christ Himself commanded this "Therefore go and make DISCIPLES of all nations...) Mathew 28:19. This passage is called The Great Commission! The word "christian"was never used by Christ followers; however, it was secondly used by King Agrippa in reference to Paul, the apostle, again, used in a derogatory way.

The third time this word is used in by Peter in reference to people who are suffering for Christ but he is saying it as "others" called those who suffered for Christ. The word Christian was NEVER used by a disciple to refer to another disciple. In essence, this word has been used by non-disciples, to refer to disciples in a DEROGATORY way.

But why is this important? Here is why...the enemy is always confusing God's creation in order to thwart God's purpose for His creation. It happened in the garden of Eden, it happened all throughout the Old Testament, the New Testament and its happening right now. If Satan can pressure DISCIPLES into becoming CHRISTIANS...beware! There is a fine line between the two...

A disciple obeys, a christian questions. A disciple follows commands, a christian rationalize them. A disciple is controlled by the spirit, a christian is controlled by the flesh. A disciple is the church, a christian goes to church. A disciple displays the power of the Holy Spirit, a christian "has" the holy spirit. A disciple is ready to fight the enemy, a christian is "ok" when there is no "apparent" fight. We could go on and on...

Here is the gestalt part of the post: as a former christian, the author was subjected by the power of Satan over his life. Although he called himself, and others called him a christian, what many don't know is that he was a "christian" only by name. He went to church, he even served at church, but the rest of the time he was watching porn, stealing, lying and a myriad of other things...BUT HE WAS A CHRISTIAN! Have you heard of these types of Christians? This is the DANGER that is created when "Christians" allow the soul to subdue the flesh into sinning...

Now, as a DISCIPLE: the author teaches other men to abstain from sexual immorality, he goes out to make other disciples for Christ, he judges all things but he is not judged by others, he lives a life lead by the Holy Spirit. The author loves to fight for Christ, and had joined forces as one of the firmer Pastors at Acts Fellowship, where the power of God flowed on a regular basis, not just occasionally.

As a disciple, a man has to learn to subdue the soul by the spirit, so that the flesh CANNOT display its attempt to dominate the life of a disciple. Such is the life of a spiritual man. Although it has not been easy, the author has learned to DIE to himself so that The Christ can live through him!

The author has written several books for men including God Will Never Divorce You, which you can buy here, and The ImPerfect Man, The ImPerfect Marriage, and others that would be published soon.

The idea behind writing this blog was simple: to encourage (followers of Christ) to be more than just "Christians" either by consumerism,or by affiliation, or even by convenience, but to be what God CREATED them to be....His Disciples! PERIOD.

Is there a difference between a Christian and a Disciple?

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