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imPERFECT Ministries-Marriage Ceremonis

Pre-Marital and Marital Counseling

"Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one FLESH." Genesis 2:24

Our Ministry is ready to perform your marriage ceremony, but the couple must go through the PREPARE/ENRICH or SYMBYS programs before their ceremonies. This counseling is personal in nature, and Pastor Edgar will be conducting it, as he is a facilitator of both platforms.  Because of our biblical belief, we can only perform these ceremonies between a man and a woman, as supported by the Bible. Marriage is the foundation of society, and God created it for His glory. As such, we CANNOT and WILL NOT allow our ministers to marry couples outside God's perfect plan. 

Once you select our ministers, you and your spouse must complete the eight weeks counseling sections required for newlyweds. These sections will be personal in nature and will cover all topics that married couples will face. Each person's love language will be explained and understood as well as the money language of each partner to be. The ministry will cover these counselings. 


As God created man and woman, fundamental differences will be covered during the counseling sections. 

                                                                            Would you be a partner with us today! 

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