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imPERFECT University

ImPerfect Life Group

We are ImPerfect people serving a Perfect God. Join us in our weekly Life Gropu, teachings, and spirit lead Praise and Worship to the King of Kings. These teachings are done not only at our place but on FB life, where you can join us every Sunday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.! 

Not only do we were hoping you could come and fellowship with us, but we are inviting you to serve our king alongside in this ministry. We are a hands-on ministry, not one that has its members sit on the sidelines. There is much to do, "souls to be saved," and so little time to do it in. 


We have former "gang" members been baptized! We have former drug dealers become book writers and preachers! We have ex-convicts who give their lives to Christ and serve the community! We help those that need God the most! We have former prostitutes now been the hands and feet of Jesus! We have former "murderers" give their lives to Christ now preaching inside Texas prisons! We have this and much more...

Our ministry does not think that we are the best nor the only ones. We know that many spiritual ministries are working His will for the Kingdom of God! We will not judge you for any reason, as we know that Christ was merciful, even onto His death. 

We teach biblical truths uncompromising the word of God. 
Would you be a partner with us today! 

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