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After three years in seminary school at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, our founders were called to into ministry within their community. Since then, they have been helping churches, ministries and individuals with their spiritual walk with the Lord. 

They have helped develop ministries within the church, held leadership positions and have assisted thousands of people in areas such as: divorce, prayer, care, support, counseling, missions and many more areas that the Lord called them to serve.  

The unique combination of a Registered Nurse and a Lawyer formed only by God, shows how IN their marriage, HE is the glue. Together they have written books and individually, all to express the completeness that God has formed through their marriage and for His glory. 

E.R. Baez was an associate Pastor of two churches in San Antonio, Texas and now is the Pastor of ImPerfect Ministries. He finished an MDiv in Theology and continues with PhD Bible exposition. Currently, he serves at Mighty Fortress Christian fellowship in the area of music. Mrs. Baez works as a Registered Nurse and serves at ImPerfect and Mighty Fortress as well. 

Within their business, they have counseled thousands of couples who contemplated divorce but chose to place God in the center thus preventing divorce. They were willing to lose a client, but understood the honor of gaining a disciple for Christ. Because of their sacrifice, God saw it fit to continue to bring broken people to their Law Office, and now they serve these once broken people for the Kingdom of God. 


Through trials and tribulations, our founders gained a deeper understanding that we all need God in the center of our lives to get by each and every day. By engaging the power of the Holy Spirit and laying all their shame at the cross, ImPerfect Ministries was formed so that others would realize that they too have the same ability to walk in freedom through the blood of Jesus.

Would you consider donating for the harvesting of souls for the glory of God? Any amount would be a blessing. Let's continue to spread the Gospel and MAKE DISCIPLES ALL OVER THE WORLD...

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