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imPERFECT Ministries-Conferences

ImPerfect Conferences

"For He was teaching them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes." Matthew 7:29

Our conferences are meant for ImPerfect people to come in their broken stages and come out as new creatures in Christ. The teachings are done by pastors, elders, and teachers and are meant to REVIVE you as a believer. By knowing that God is the ONLY perfect one, we can learn that our PERFECTION is a process that will culminate as we enter our new homes. Currently, these ImPerfect conferences are FREE of charge! 

Conferences are attended at local churches, and the speakers travel to the destinations on a per-diem basis. As the speakers present their subjects, the participants are asked to participate during the sections since the conferences are PRACTICAL. We will teach you what has worked and what has not worked for the speakers concerning the particular subject. 


The conference will include marriage ceremonies, Christian counseling, and much more. We make every attempt for the conferences to be kept at a minimum for maximum participation by each participant. The conferences vary from one to three days, depending on the subjects selected by the local church. 

                                                                               Would you be a partner with us today! 

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