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ImPerfect Ministries was formed from the biblical truth that Only God is PERFECT. As His followers, we know that God is not done with us yet. Philippians 1:6 teaches us that we are to pursue His perfection, which is known as the process of sanctification. 


 The Koine Greek word for "perfect" is (τέλειος) “teleios” —the transliteration—is a comparative adjective in the genitive form…which means, of full age, growth, mental, moral character or completeness.


Here's an interesting fact: when the New Testament talks about “perfection” in relation to men, it does it in the passive future voice. When it refers to God and His “perfection,” it does it in the active present voice. Just a little Greek for you. 

All this to say that Only God is "PERFECT" and God uses ImPerfect people for His PERFECT Plan. However, we must seek HIS perfection in our lives daily! 


We are to equip and prepare the followers of Jesus to GO!


How far do they go, that's up to Him. We are prepared to disciple, mentor, and guide the body of Christ to follow the "Great" commission..."To Make Disciples!" 

We follow Jesus example in everything that we do. So, we preach the good news to those who have not heard them. We teach them to live a life worthy of their calling. All in Jesus name!  


Currently, we are involved with missions abroad, we partake in conferences, we have written books that teach on the subject of marriage and discipleship, but most importantly, we teach others to follow God's voice, in everything that they do. 

You have not landed on this page by mistake, but by God's PERFECT plan for your life. Please join and help us continue to spread the Good News of the Gospel all over the world. Blessings...

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